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Bonus Episode: Mind Renewal with April Price

Weight-Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly speaks with fellow life coach, April Price, about her weight loss journey and how she’s coping during the coronavirus pandemic.

After catching up, April shares the origin of her enthusiasm, and how the encouragement of her nutrition coach led her to believe that change was possible in other areas of her life. As she began to adjust her mindset, April found that weight loss wasn’t a commitment. It was a natural result of loving herself and wanting to take care of her body.

At first, April had trouble reconciling her heart with her mind. She shares that the two biggest factors in weight loss are the limitations you put on yourself and how you feel about them. April came to realize that bridging your existing beliefs with something new was an ongoing process, not a quick fix. When she began to question her emotions and accept responsibility, she discovered that her experience was a choice. Uncertain situations are the perfect opportunity to take control of your life.

To close, April sums up her personal mission. By changing how you think about yourself, you will always find a way out of the pain.

Topics Covered

- How a commitment to change in one area can lead to a transformation in another

- Adjusting your mindset to approach yourself from a position of love, not hate

- The process of asking questions and working to bridge your existing beliefs with something new

- Taking control of your interior world when the exterior is uncertain

- Why pain is a choice, and how to find joy through renewing your mind

Key Quotes

“Sometimes that’s all it takes, right? Is having one person that really resonates with you, that gives you that sense of hope.”- Molly Zemek

“The more I started to nurture thoughts of love about myself, the more I didn’t have to be committed. The more I didn’t have to tuck myself into living a certain way. It was just like I wanted to take the best care of me.”- April Price

“I think the more willing we are to really just feel sad, feel scared, feel happy even, then the less we need food to buffer the edge of that off.”- April Price

“No matter what happens in the world, we get to choose our interior world.”- April Price

“In my experience, I’ve found that being intentional and being structured actually provides a lot of relief.”- Molly Zemek

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