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Episode 10: Your Size Does Not Determine Your Worth


Weight-Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about how your size doesn’t determine your worth. The unique way that each of us was made, no matter what you believe, proves that we have been given desire inherently in order to fulfill a unique purpose.

She begins by relating this desire to weight loss and overeating, and explains how choosing to embrace short-term fixes and momentary pleasures leads to negative consequences. Instead, if you believe that this purpose is greater than food, you can realize your worth, even before you begin to make a change.

Molly shares her own story and how her actions didn’t agree with the long term plan for her life. As she redirected her energy, she discovered that not only did her physical self improve, but her mental self found new inspiration through greater concentration and stamina. This led to a creative resurgence, and a new commitment to pursue an old passion in writing.

While organizing your mind can be difficult, Molly offers encouragement to persevere. Setbacks are part of the process, and only a failure when you give up. Having self-confidence will ultimately lead to automatic habits that will remind you of your worth through your success.

Topics Covered

- How our unique construction proves that everyone was made with a purpose

- Believing that your desire was given to you for something greater

- When you organize your life and mind, you can repurpose your desire onto new things

- Developing self-confidence and an internal belief that you are worthy

- Finding peace in your own skin and accepting that life isn’t perfect

Key Quotes

“I truly believe that each and every one of us were created with a unique purpose in mind, and that we have been given desire inherently in order to fulfill that life’s purpose.”

“Because if you don’t know instinctively deep down in your core that you are fully worthy just as you are, then that is your work that needs to be done before you can do anything else.”

“Work on believing that you have a purpose in your life that is much greater than the next best thing to eat.”

“Setbacks are only truly a failure when you decide to give up.”

“If you are able to stand firm in your belief of who you are, and you are able to persevere and do this work even when it’s hard, even when you fail, and you’re strong enough to keep going, you will be able to form those automatic habits. You will be able to lose the weight. You will be able to strengthen your relationship with yourself. And you will come out the other side with a deep sense of peace.”

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