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Episode 12: Food Journaling

Weight-Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about food journaling, and how it is an essential part of an effective weight loss plan.

She begins by describing the difference between a food plan, and a food journal. While a food plan revolves around preparation, a food journal focuses on reflection. What did you eat, and why? What does this tell you about the direction of your weight loss journey?

Molly continues by describing her own experience with a food journal, and how to incorporate one into your day. She emphasizes the importance of moving beyond unconscious eating, and how daily reflection can help change your habits. By studying your choices from a neutral perspective, not one of shame, you can begin to take a step toward sustainable weight loss. A food journal is essential in making this discovery.

To close, Molly offers some encouragement. Not only can you overcome your cravings, but you can plan for them. Use your journal as a compass and make adjustments accordingly. When you put your plan and your journal side-by-side, you will begin to see a correlation, and in turn, the results you want.

Topics Covered

- The difference between food planning and food journaling

- Creating a food journal, and how it creates awareness behind your choices with food

- Moving beyond unconscious eating toward sustainable weight loss

- Using your choices as a compass, not a point of shame

- Reflecting on your week and connecting the dots

Key Quotes

“Food planning is writing down exactly what you plan to eat for all of your meals 24-hrs ahead of time. Food journaling, instead, is writing down what you actually ate at the end of the day.”

“Food journaling is essentially the evidence. It is the evidence of what we eat. And it’s documentation of exactly what we’re putting in our mouths. And that correlates with the plan that you made for yourself for the day. And it creates a data point so that you know why you are, or are not, losing weight on any particular given day.”

“The solution to sustainable weight loss is becoming mindful. Is becoming present in your every day. Is becoming accountable and taking responsibility for all the choices that you’re making with food.”

“You need to really practice just feeling completely neutral about the choices that you make with eating and approaching your food journal, approaching sort of the documentation about what you’re eating, from a place of simply being curious and of collecting data.”

“Please, please please work a food journal into your daily practice. I promise you that it is one of the most essential tools when it comes to weight loss. It, like I said, is your compass. It will point you in the direction that you’re headed in.”

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