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Episode #16: How to Declutter Your Mind for Weight Loss

Weight-Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about the coronavirus and its chaotic effect on our mind. While many people have been physically healthy, others have been mentally consumed with worry, fear and uncertainty.

She explains that even in unexpected circumstances, we always have a choice. The virus only has the meaning and emotion that we assign to it. We can either see this as an opportunity to gain control of our mind, or a problem that will overwhelm us and lead to bad habits.

In order to combat our negative thoughts, Molly outlines the three main steps of mind management-

- Become aware of your thoughts through a daily thought download

- Decide whether your thoughts are true and if you want to believe them

- Commit to developing positive, intentional thoughts that will serve you

By deciding to manage your mind daily, you can overcome any obstacle. It is the life-changing difference between a short-term fix and long-term solution. This is especially true for weight loss, and it’s why Molly makes it such an essential part of her program.

Topics Covered

- How to see the coronavirus as an opportunity, not a problem

- Why habits don’t ‘just happen,’ and becoming aware of where they come from

- Taking control of your mind during an unexpected circumstance

- Observing your thoughts in a neutral judgment-free zone

- The importance of mind management in the pursuit of lasting change

Key Quotes

“Awareness is so essential to achieving any kind of goal. To leading a life with intention. Because you have to know what you’re thinking about your life right now in order to figure out why you’re acting the way you are now. This all leads to the results that you’re getting in your life.”

“Remember, the coronavirus by itself is simply a fact. It’s the thoughts that we have about it that create meaning. Sometimes those thoughts create a problem for us, and sometimes they create an opportunity.”

“The actions that we take in our life, and the feeling that was generated, produce the results that we get.”

“Many of us feel like overeating is just something that happens automatically, but it always starts with a thought that we have. That thought leads to a feeling, and that feeling compels us to overeat.”

“Thought management is really the difference between a short-term fix with losing your weight and a long-term solution to keeping the weight off permanently.”

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