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Episode 22: Conscious Eating

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about the importance of conscious eating as one of the biggest factors to sustainable weight loss. While some of us have an innate sense of when we’re full, most people lack the awareness, or drive, to stop when we should. Signs of unconscious eating include judgment and a wandering mind.

Traditional diets are not a long-term solution for this. Instead of recognizing the role of food in pleasure, they devalue the experience by reducing it to fuel and ignore the possibility of balance without deprivation. True satisfaction can be achieved by becoming truly present when you eat. By believing that what you have is truly enough, you can begin to cultivate new habits that will create a better relationship with food.

Explore each meal through all of your senses. What does it smell like? How does it taste? After a while, you’ll find that you can actually eat less and enjoy it more. When you deny the scarcity mindset, you reframe food with the proper importance in your life. This, Molly states, is the key to enjoyable, life-changing weight loss.

Topics Covered

- How to recognize unconscious eating

- Why traditional diets don’t provide a long-term answer

- Eating less to enjoy food more

- Increasing awareness to deny the scarcity mindset

- Ways to cultivate healthy habits

Key Quotes

“What I realized is that the pleasure that I felt from food also momentarily relieved uncomfortable feelings that I had like stress or anxiety in the moment. And I could eat well beyond when I was full, simply because something just tasted so good.”

“Learning healthy foods to eat, learning how to follow a food plan is the easy work. But figuring out how to become more aware around food when you eat, learning how to become more thoughtful about food in a way that makes you feel physically and mentally good requires more practice and it requires more of a skill.”

“Weight loss does not have to be a process of tediously eating foods that aren’t pleasurable, restricting yourself to the point of feeling deprived and resentful. In fact, it can be a process that you love that helps you love yourself more. That helps you love food more.”

“The first way you experience pleasure of food is just how it appears visually, and you can learn to become more in touch with that visual sense as you eat.”

“Have a conversation with yourself periodically while you’re eating and ask yourself how you feel physically.”

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