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Episode 23: How to Feel

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode- How to Feel


In this episode, Molly, a former executive chef, gives tips on losing weight without counting calories and over exercising but rather by changing their mindset. She talks about the role of feelings when it comes to weight loss. In addition, she shares that separating oneself from feeling and the act of eating is a vital part of weight loss.

Molly explains how we cope with feelings actually programs the neural pathways in the brain. Recognizing feelings, how we react to them and changing the pattern will change the way the body automatically responds to discomfort. After time, former patterns will no longer be comforting.

In summary, your emotions provide both wisdom and warning signals for one’s inner life. Practicing Molly’s tips on how to process your emotions are a healthy step in the right direction. In fact, these practices are the key to a richer, fuller life without excessive eating.

Topics Covered

· What are feelings

· Truths about emotions

· Manifest emotions by controlling thoughts

· What should you be doing with feelings

Key Quotes

“A crucial part of weight loss is learning the way you feel without resorting to eating.”

“Separating yourself from feeling and the act of eating is vital.”

“The easiest thing to do is to turn to eating, sleeping, shopping, alcohol or a myriad of other ways to avoid experiencing things that happen in our lives.”

“Feelings provide us with valuable information about our internal life. You can use them as a guide between what is painful and what is pleasurable.”

“Emotions can give you wisdom and can warn you.”

“Real life is a balance of being happy and sad.”

“Without the negative, we wouldn’t appreciate the positive but it’s our nature to avoid pain.”

“We are hardwired to discomfort.”

“Feelings always surface until they’re processed and when you numb them, you’re creating more pain for yourself because you’re perpetuating a cycle.”

“You reinforce the signal in your brain of how you handle comfort so it becomes automatic.”

“The reality is all feelings are neutral and thinking of them as bad or good is just thoughts.”

“Your emotional life is something you are 100% entitled to. You can feel whatever you want.”

“Feelings are not permanent-they come in waves.”

“You can change the way you feel at any time simply by changing your belief or thought.”

“As no one can make you feel anything, you also can’t control how other people feel.”

“Learning how to process feelings and expressing them requires practice.”

“To be present with your feelings, you must be compassionate and not judgmental to yourself.”

“You just need to BE with [your feelings].

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