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Episode 24: Finding Contentment

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly Zemek brings up the importance of finding contentment. Molly points out that we always have the option of contentment, and the benefits that come with choosing to be content. She gives the listener a practical way to arrive at a place of contentment. First, you need to list everything you have in your life, such as your home and family. Then, practice gratitude with these things. As you practice gratitude, acknowledge how your body feels, physically, and practice sinking into that feeling. Molly reminds us that we can experience that feeling anytime we want, by choosing gratitude. Once you’re in a place of gratitude, think about how you want to treat yourself, and honor yourself. Also, consider how you want to feel about yourself. As you walk through this process, keep your focus on right now. When you are fully present in the moment, and filled with gratitude, you are in a much better place to make decisions. While being content and losing weight may seem counter intuitive, they actually go hand in hand. Weight loss isn’t just about the physical transformation, it’s also about the renewing of your mind. As your mind is renewed, and you learn to be content with where you are right now, you also learn how to feel compassion and love for yourself. When you come from a place of love for yourself, it is easier to take action towards a better version of yourself. Molly reminds the listener that this is choice we can always make.

Topics Covered

· The Option of Contentment

· How to Choose Contentment

· The Effects of Being Content

· The Mental Transformation of Your Weight Loss Journey

Key Quotes

“If I can’t appreciate everything that I have right now, what makes me think that anything in the future can change that? Because all we have is what’s right in front of us.”

“Weight loss is as much about the physical transformation of changing your body, as it is about renewing your mind and your relationship with yourself.”

“The physical transformation is not enough for you to love yourself.”

“Loving yourself is a decision that’s available to you right now.”

“Learning how to be content with what you have, and where you are right now, teaches you how to feel compassion and love for yourself, in a way that will make it easier to take action towards a better version of yourself.”


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