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Episode 26: Blame and Shame

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about blame and shame, two of the most common results we create for ourselves after overeating. When we refuse to accept responsibility for our actions, we forfeit our power over the situation. Instead of believing that we can change, we shift meaning to an outside force, whether it’s another person or a seemingly uncontrollable habit.

These feelings are a lie. By surrendering control we trap ourselves in a cycle of dependence. We become the victim and blame others which often causes even more pain. In every situation, our thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions. Molly states that we have the power to create our own reality. Instead of punishing ourselves when we overeat, she encourages a different approach. Focus on the facts, not feeling. Identify your triggers and understand that you can learn from any circumstance.

Setbacks will happen, but it’s how you respond that determines the success of your weight loss plan. To break the cycle, you must make the decision to put a stop to thoughts that don’t serve you. Skip the judgment and blame. Accept responsibility and be intentional with your life.

Topics Covered

- Accepting responsibility for your life

- How to rely on facts, not emotion

- Why self-punishment never serves you

- Identifying your triggers

- Choosing to move forward

Key Quotes

“If you have a pattern of blaming other people for how you feel, or the way you act, it will be really easy to find ways to assign responsibility over to them. And when we do this we just quickly become the victim and at the mercy of what someone else says or does.”

“You deserve to treat yourself better, and being punitive and punishing yourself through negative self-talk is something that you should ditch right away.”

“In order to be successful and to have a sustainable weight loss, you just have to keep consistently moving in the direction towards your goal. That means not allowing yourself to get stuck in disempowering thoughts that make you want to stop taking action.”

“In every moment you always have the option to choose what goes in your mouth and you have the choice what you want to believe about yourself and food.”

“What do you want to think and believe about your ability to lose weight? Make sure it’s something solid and strong, make sure it’s something intentional, because your thoughts will always drive your emotions, which will create your actions, which will manifest your reality.”

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