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Episode 27: The New You

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode- The New You


In this episode, Molly talks about how to become the ‘new you,’ even before you lose weight. Traditional diets are ineffective because they don’t address the’ why’ behind desire, or how to not overeat. These habits are based off of patterns and past experiences and can often be subconscious.

Common reasons to overeat include a desire to have fun, feel better and connect with others. When we associate food with attractive things, we give it meaning it doesn’t deserve. That’s why uncertainty and change can derail the best intentions if our mindset does not alter completely.

That’s where a Life Coach comes in. By learning how to deal with difficult situations and taking ownership of your choices, you can approach yourself with compassion and understanding, not judgment or hate. Creating new beliefs is a way to define yourself by who you want to be, not who you are right now.

To be successful, you must identify your beliefs when they happen, evaluate them for their truth and then decide if they’re serving you. Don’t be discouraged. Everything is a learning experience and even the small changes are evidence of success.

Topics Covered

- Becoming aware of your thoughts

- Creating new beliefs

- How to deal with uncertainty

- Taking ownership through choice

- Living as your future self

Key Quotes

“Until you figure out how to change your mind and transform the way you think about food, no diet on the planet is going to be sustainable.”

“When you create and think new beliefs, you learn how to define yourself by the possibility of all the things you can achieve and be. And the truth is you can start believing you are that person right now before you lose all of the weight. You can decide that who you want to be in the future is who you are right now.”

“Often times we think that our belief system is set in stone, that there is no room for change. We don’t realize that we can be curious about what we believe, that we can decide if those thoughts are really true.”

“Your purpose is the life that you are living now. Your past is perfect. Everything you do is a choice. There is plenty of time.”

“Don’t compare yourself to your past failures. Don’t compare yourself to the way you used to do things. Compare yourself to where you want to be.”

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