Episode 28: The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode- Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)


In this episode, Molly talks about the fear of missing out, or FOMO, and how it relates to overeating. While fear pretends to be a solution, it is often based in a false reality. This creates a scarcity mindset when it comes to food. Instead of long-term satisfaction, chasing false pleasure leads to negative consequences like weight gain and low energy.

Many people seek pleasure as a way to escape, but increased desire always results in a pursuit that never ends. Molly states that finding true fulfillment is not dependent on being happy all the time. It’s appreciating the balance between joy and sadness, and the difficult things in your life.

So, what does it look like to have less? That’s the question you have to ask yourself when it comes to food. By underst