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Episode 38: Fear Around Food

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly discusses how your favorite food can create feelings of powerlessness. Molly explains that the solution is not to hide or eliminate these foods from your house. To experience full freedom around food you need to face this fear head-on, and practice eating mindfully. Molly points out that in order to feel confident, you need to practice eating your trigger foods regularly. Being face to face with that food, practicing internal thoughts, working on your belief about being in control of your food. A slow and deliberate approach to eating is a way to feel in control and being able to stop when satisfied. Never eliminate your trigger foods. Learn how to allow urges, manage temptation, how to eat those foods in smaller portions until you are fully satisfied. Getting to this stage is critical for weight loss to be sustainable.

Molly points out the 4 steps to gain mastery over trigger foods:

1. Plan to eat the food you love ahead of time. Decide 24 hours in advance or at the minimum the morning before you eat them. Allows you to think intentionally.

2. Work on belief around eating food ahead of time.

3. Practice eating this food slowly and thoughtfully. Sit down and turn distractions off. Eat slowly and savor it.

4. Gain experience and evidence that you can do this. Develop full confidence around these foods and experience the freedom by practicing, not hiding these foods. Eat slowly and mindfully, gaining evidence that you are somebody that can just stop.

Molly also interviews Tracy Emerson, who discusses what she remembers about her fear around food coaching session with Molly. Tracy felt that she could not put certain foods on her pre-planned food list for fear of losing control if she ate them. She felt like she could not lose weight without being on a strict food plan, but it was never anything sustainable. Using Molly’s suggestion, making a realistic food plan that includes food that you want to have, Tracy experienced the “aha” moment of experiencing her food before eating and becoming a mindful eater. Molly discusses her transformative relationship with food and how much confidence she has developed from the value of being fully focused during meals.

Topics Covered

· Favorite Foods Creating Feelings of Powerlessness

· Practice Mindful Eating

· Four Steps to Gaining Mastery Over Trigger Foods

· Interview With Tracy Emerson

Key Quotes

“Practice on how to eat this food in moderation. Learning how to become a person who can eat just one piece of cake. Start believing in your ability to do this ahead of time.”

“Sit down and turn distractions off. Practice eating slowly. Pay attention to the flavor-savor it. Pay attention to your body, see if you are satisfied. Be thoughtful while eating.”

“Know at any point you can stop eating if it’s not enjoyable anymore.”

“In order to feel confident, practice eating those foods regularly. Practicing internal thoughts, working on our belief about being in control and deliberately eating those foods slowly and consciously.”

“Practice eating food in a controlled way and establishing confidence that you can do it.”

“Including foods as often as you want in a food plan, in moderation, starts building evidence that you are in control around this and if you are in control of this, then you can be in control of any of the other foods.”


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