Episode 32: The Last 10 Pounds

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode - The Last 10 Pounds


In this episode of the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast, Molly tackles what can be one of the most challenging parts of losing weight: losing the last 10 pounds. She tells listeners about her own experience with the frustrating fluctuation of the needle when she was trying to lose the last 10 pounds and offers tips based on her own journey as well as what she sees in her clients.

Molly notes that when we get to a standstill before those last 10 pounds, there are three things we can note. First, we’ve typically stopped planning since we think we can skate by with less precision than before. Secondly, the last 10 pounds is when it becomes clear whether or not we’ve been resisting urges or acknowledging and allowing them. Lastly, we see that we have lost sight of the commitment and why we wanted to lose weight in the first place.