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Episode 33: The Pitfalls of Dieting

Weight Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about the pitfalls of dieting, the myths surrounding diets, and what you can do to avoid them and have success in your weightloss journey.

There are a few missteps in traditional weight loss thought. The first is that lining up numbers will give success. The “all-or-nothing” thinking of restricting foods you like is another part of this mentality. A third common thought is that you will always feel starving if you want to feel successful. Related to that is the idea that you will never have any fun while dieting. Even worse—you may think you’ll only be happy when you’re thin.

The problem is that we think of dieting as something that’s temporary, and will eventually come to an end. You need to have a mindset where you are not overeating on a regular basis. What Molly does is set up guidelines that are suited to their personal tastes, what is convenient, and what is good for their family. This is designed to help her clients set themselves up for long term success. Molly teaches her clients how to handle temptations so that they can confidently eat and feel good about it.

Here are the so-called “pitfalls” of the dieting mentality:

  1. Thinking of dieting in the traditional way sets you up for a “yo-yo” effect. You will treat the time off your diet to overindulge and put weight back on. We justify the over compensation as well. And it doesn’t set you up for life-long habits.

  2. You create a dichotomy between good and bad eating. There are no good and bad foods. Foods are only as powerful as we make them. We give food the meaning that triggers our emotional responses, and we are ultimately in control of that.

  3. We feel like we need to follow someone else’s plan exactly. The more you rely on someone else—rather than understanding your own body—you will depend on them every time.

Molly’s vision is to help her clients think about things long-term so that they can feel like they have the tools necessary to navigate a successful plan for weight loss. It’s about feeling empowered to reach what is really possible in your life. Call Molly and set up a free 30-minute discovery call today! She can give you a tangible tool for moving toward success.

Topics Covered:

● Why most of us fail at diets. (3:00)

● Problems with the diet mentality. (6:25)

● The general pitfalls of dieting and diet mentality. (15:40)

● The way you start out weight loss is how you need to be committed to it forever. (18:15)

● There are no “good” and “bad” foods. (20:40)

● Understanding what’s motivating you will never fade away. (29:00)

Key Quotes:

● “Just because we have thought that something is true doesn’t mean that it actually is.” (3:30)

● “Dieting is just short-term. It’s something we either do or we don’t do.” (11:00)

● “You need to get a handle on your emotional eating.” (15:20)

● “The more you get into the groove of eating this way, the more it becomes automatic.” (17:45)

● “Don’t think of it as a diet.” (19:25)

● “What you think about a thing is what creates the feeling in your body.” (21:30)

● “I give people the tools to feel empowered around food” (28:20)

Download Molly’s free 6-Point Plan at her website!

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