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Episode 34: Accepting Yourself As Is

Weight Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about how transitioning from hating yourself to loving yourself (exactly as you are) can more quickly drive success in weight loss.

All of this is in your control: the way you think about yourself, about your weight, the way you talk about yourself. You can control these things and determine what they mean. Molly wants you to start thinking about how to take control of your thoughts.

Number 1: Change the dialogue you have with yourself. She says to detach from these thoughts and become the “watcher.” The watcher is aware but does not engage. As you get more comfortable here, you can start to “level up” the content of these self-conversations. Make it a daily practice. The more you do this, the more automatic it will become.

Number 2: Pay attention to your emotions. And stay with them. You can resist them, but they won’t go away. You also deserve to be intune with your emotions and experience them for all they are—even if they’re negative emotions.

Number 3: Build evidence that you are somebody who loves their body. This looks like starting to take action like someone who loves their body, even if you don’t right now. Over time, you can look back and build confidence. You can show: yes, I do care about my body. Look at the evidence!

Reach out for help if you need it. This is the kind of shift that can enrich your life. It’s not just about fitting into an old pair of jeans—it’s about wanting a better life for yourself. Call Molly and set up a free 30-minute discovery call today! She can give you a tangible tool for moving toward success.

Topics Covered:

● Negative self-talk. (2:10)

● We have control over our thoughts and their meaning. (4:30)

● Falling into the trap of thinking there’s something wrong with us. (8:40)

● Reversing the negative self-talk. (12:15)

● Your thoughts will not disappear. (16:20)

● Bridging the gap between thoughts. (25:35)

● The thoughts you have about yourself are optional. (30:00)

Key Quotes:

● “The more you can accept who you are right now… the more you are likely to take the necessary action to make the change you want.” (1:35)

● “You won’t miraculously feel better. How we feel has nothing to do with our weight.” (4:00)

● “The primitive brain is driven by its motivational triad...keeping you safe, comfortable, and easy.” (7:50)

● “We don’t actually feel encouraged to change when we use negative self-talk.” (10:00)

● “You can choose to feel differently about yourself right now.” (13:55)

● “You’re a lot less likely to overeat if you have a feeling of acceptance… your actions will be reinforcing acceptance.” (19:30)

● “When you pay attention to your body, you’re going to notice how it reacts more.” (28:15)

Download Molly’s free 6-Point Plan at her website!

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