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Episode 35: Negotiating With Yourself Over Food


In this episode, Molly talks about the habit of negotiating with yourself over food and how to stop giving in to the primitive brain. She gives some practical advice on how to avoid the trap of making excuses and stick to a reasonable weight loss plan.

We argue with ourselves because we are still building new habits, Molly says. The idea is that we need to build the necessary confidence to continue making the right choice when temptation hits. Part of this involved taking control of our thoughts. A key takeaway from this episode is that we can train ourselves to pay attention to our thoughts, and in that state of awareness, decide to do what we have actually set out to do.

Remember: The brain is malleable. We can change the way we think about stimuli.

To break the cycle, you need to decide to be committed. This means planning your food from a place of awareness and taking control of your thoughts. You have probably continued the cycle of negotiating with yourself. Every time you come off your plan, it’s an opportunity to build the consistency of taking action.

Molly’s vision is to help her clients think about things long-term so that they can feel like they have the tools necessary to navigate a successful plan for weight loss. It’s about feeling empowered to reach what is really possible in your life. Call Molly and set up a free 30-minute discovery call today! She can give you a tangible tool for moving toward success.

Topics Covered:

● Why we negotiate with ourselves about our food choices. (2:00)

● The primitive brain and the rational brain. (4:25)

● It comes down to how you engage with your brain. (9:30)

Choosing not to respond to impulses. (14:35)

● Setting yourself up for success. (19:10)

● We end up losing in our negotiations because the cycle continues. (23:50)

● Controlling your thoughts that allows you to control your awareness. (31:00)

Key Quotes:

● “Just because this happens and it’s part of how the human brain operates, it doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.” (3:45)

● “Instead of seeking instant gratification, it’s seeking that long-term wellbeing.” (6:30)

● “Sometimes the pleasure muscle of the primitive brain...can seem so persuasive that we don’t even feel like we have a choice.” (8:40)

● “If we can observe our thoughts, we can detach from them. (10:35)

● “Nine times out of ten, it wasn’t just a taste.” (13:00)

● “We are in full control of the thoughts we have.” (15:50)

● “This will help minimize the tug of war in your primitive brain.” (20:00)

● “Knowing that you can stay committed to what you want a major reward of this kind of thinking.” (25:20)

● “I am separate from my thoughts. In fact, I am able to change my thoughts.” (30:00)

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