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Episode 36: Radical Honesty

Weight Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


At the core of it, stopping overeating has made Molly more connected to herself. She has more confidence in all aspects of her life. In this episode, Molly describes how to be more intune with yourself, your emotions, and the people in your life by breaking free of emotion-suppressing habits that keep the weight on and the discontentment up.

What is left when you take food off the table? The full effect of your human experience without the numbing effect of food. If you’ve really evaluated your emotions and emotional eating, this may come as a surprise to you. You will learn that you actually don’t need food to drown out the noise.

Ultimately, this is about being fully present in the moment. Molly calls this “radical honesty.” She argues that she didn’t really understand who she was while perpetuating bad eating and drinking habits. She felt disconnection when trying to find meaning in fleeting moments.

When you take food or alcohol away, you can only experience things as they are. The comfort that food and drink provides is a salve and a distraction. But you can’t fear these things because you deserve to have relationships that are grounded in truth. Your friends and family deserve this, too. You should want your relationships to be based on who you really are. If you are honest with yourself, you can extend that honesty to those around you, in grace. This is the kind of shift that can enrich your life. It’s not just about fitting into an old pair of jeans—it’s about wanting a better life for yourself. Call Molly and set up a free 30-minute coaching conversation today!

Topics Covered:

● Success is in shifting your mindset around food. (3:00)

● Understanding your emotional eating. (5:15)

● Food suppresses your experience by numbing discomfort. (7:00)

● You will gain confidence in sitting with negative emotions. (11:00)

● Radical honesty. (13:00)

● The consequences of delivering “versions” of yourself to your friends and family. (22:00)

● Being present with your thoughts and feelings. (24:40)

● Plan what you eat and drink deliberately instead of reactively. (26:00)

● It’s not honesty in an unkind way. (27:45)

● Do you have habits that are getting in the way of who you really are? (33:50)

Key Quotes:

● “This work began with realizing that this work begins with our thoughts.” (1:45)

● “Weight loss is not about pure vanity.” (4:00)

● “You’re looking for food to numb something that you’re experiencing.” (5:45)

● “We lose the opportunity to understand what our emotions are there to tell us.” (9:30)

● “Why not spend your energy on things that are going to help to grow and evolve?” (12:20)

● “It developed into a general awareness about who I am.” (16:00)

● “We start to see the authenticity of our friendships and our habits.” (18:30)

● “When we are dishonest with the people around us...the relationship is based on a lie.” (21:45)

● “Radical honesty is being present and watching your thoughts.” (25:15)

● “You have to be honest with yourself first.” (29:10)

● “Radical honesty releases dependency on other people.” (31:30)

Download Molly’s free 6-Point Plan at her website!

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