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Episode 4: How to Start Losing Weight Today

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about the principles of weight loss that will help you begin a successful journey. There are many factors that make it complicated to break the cycle of overeating. How you view food is based on your childhood and culture, as well as your mental and emotional state.

The problem often isn’t losing weight, it’s keeping the weight off. In order to make a lasting change, you have to understand that your worth is not based on your size. There are legitimate reasons for weight loss, including ones related to mental, physical and emotional health. If your ‘why’ is not more compelling than your desire for food, you will always fail.

For Molly, she could trace her depression, anxiety and fatigue to overeating and wanted to feel better. She also recognized her role in setting the right example for her children.

If you don’t take action, what type of problems are you signing up for? More of the same will only get worse over time. By knowing your reason why and paying attention to when you’re hungry, you can get motivated even before the weight comes off the scale.

Topics Covered

- Contributing factors to overeating

- How your worth is not based on size

- Knowing your ‘why’ behind weight loss

- When children follow your example

- Exploring what’s at stake

Key Quotes

“The problem that most of us actually have isn’t how to lose weight, it’s really just how to keep it off.”

“Your true worth in this world is not based on how you look. It’s not based on your size. It’s not based on how much weight you’re able to lose, but based on who you were created to be.”

“I don’t pretend to think that I can control how my kids will turn out. I don’t pretend that I can influence their happiness or create a certain reality for them. But I do know that I can set an example.”

“If you don’t have a strong sense of why it’s so absolutely important that you decide to lose weight right now, no diet on the planet, no eating plan in front of you will ever stand a chance of working because you will always give up on yourself.”

“The quick fix plan is not the same thing as the solution.”

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