My Story Podcast

Weight-Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode- My Story


In this episode, Molly shares the story of her lifelong passion for food, and how it ultimately led her to commitment to help others change.

She begins by describing two pictures, both from her first birthday. In one, she is staring at a cake and realizing it’s just for her. In the other, the cake has disappeared and she is covered in crumbs and frosting. They serve as a reminder of the role food played in her family and the growing importance it would have in her life. It’s why she became a chef.

Yet after she transitioned to staying at home, Molly laments that her habits didn’t change, but her body did. She started to put on weight and began to feel unwell. This led to a form of depression where she became dissatisfied, despite all of the good things around her.