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Episode 18: Entitlement

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode- Entitlement


In this episode, Molly talks about the concept of entitlement and how it relates to food. Entitlement is the belief that we have a right to something and inherently deserve it. Many of us feel this way about a number of areas in our life. Molly mentions physical health, free speech and movement as a few examples where most people struggle.

This sense of entitlement is especially damaging when it comes to food. We expect what we eat to taste good, and when it doesn’t, we continue to seek additional opportunities. At the core of this belief is the idea that ‘I deserve to eat whatever I want.’ Most people feel that they should be able to indulge with abandon and feel fully satisfied by food. When we think this way, we are diminishing other areas of life where we could be seeking pleasure.

Instead, our thought should be ‘I am entitled to create the life that I want.’ An open-ended relationship with food can make us feel out of control. By becoming aware of unhealthy thoughts in our mind, we can decide to live a deliberate life and make the changes that we truly want to see.

Topics Covered

- General beliefs of entitlement

- How only seeking pleasure in food is a disappointment

- When our thoughts work for, or against, us

- Pivoting your mind to live a deliberate life

- Why your existence proves your worth

Key Quotes

“There are a lot of beliefs that we all have around the role that food should play in our lives. We have these ideas, whether or not they came from our childhood. They’re things that we learned over time, or simply decisions that we’ve made around what food means, its role in our life and its effect on us.”

“These thoughts of entitlement can be really tricky because they seem like they’re purposeful. They seem like they’re helping us. They seem like they are there for a reason. But when we look at the result that they create for ourselves when it comes to overeating, it’s almost always negative.”

“When we start to really overly focus on food as a source of satisfaction, as a source of pleasure, we diminish all the other areas of our life where we could be seeking pleasure.”

“Entitlement can have an equally powerful effect and opposite effect if we choose to harness it, and it’s this. ‘I am entitled to create the life that I want.’”

“You have a right to your own voice and to your vision for your life. Isn’t that amazing? No one else is entitled to decide what you do with this one precious life you have.”

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