Episode 21: How to Stay Committed

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode- How to Stay Committed


Molly, a former executive chef, gives food lovers tips on losing weight without counting calories and over exercising but rather by changing their mindset. In this episode, she talks about staying committed to the point where you actually achieve your goal. Molly discusses common pitfalls and steps to make your weight loss journey successful through your steadfast commitment.

Molly offers nine practical tools to inspire you to think about commitment differently. She will give you measurable action items to apply to your goals- ways that inspire you to recommit, ways that get you back in the game of taking small steps that will eventually get you to your final goal. Most of all, she encourages you to believe in yourself so that you can be set up for success.

Topics Covered

· What differentiates people that succeed from people who just try