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Episode 21: How to Stay Committed

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


Molly, a former executive chef, gives food lovers tips on losing weight without counting calories and over exercising but rather by changing their mindset. In this episode, she talks about staying committed to the point where you actually achieve your goal. Molly discusses common pitfalls and steps to make your weight loss journey successful through your steadfast commitment.

Molly offers nine practical tools to inspire you to think about commitment differently. She will give you measurable action items to apply to your goals- ways that inspire you to recommit, ways that get you back in the game of taking small steps that will eventually get you to your final goal. Most of all, she encourages you to believe in yourself so that you can be set up for success.

Topics Covered

· What differentiates people that succeed from people who just try

· What it means to be committed

· What to focus on

· How to stay committed

Key Quotes

“Starting out as ‘I’m just going to try’ is very different than committing to a result.”

“You need to start out with commitment. That is the only thing you have to have.”

“Commitment means the act of being loyal or dedicated.”

“Shift focus to action. The part of commitment that takes steps every single day until you get to your goal.”

“Commitment is really just showing up every day with that end goal in mind.”

“Have a conversation with yourself every week when you’re making your food plan.”

“Recommit every single week and remember why you started in the first place.”

“Acknowledge on a regular basis that you will experience some discomfort.”

“What are you willing to do this week?”

“It doesn’t help to commit to lofty goals that there is no way to follow through.”

“Break the goal into bite size pieces.”

“Practice envisioning your future self.”

“Remind yourself along the way of everything you’ve accomplished so far.”

“Reward yourself verbally.”

“Speak kind words to yourself.”

“Be compassionate with yourself when things go wrong.”

“The more you build that loving relationship with yourself, the less you will turn to food.”

“Be accountable to yourself and to others.”

“A food journal is an important tool.”

“Have an honest conversation with yourself about what will happen if you give up right now.”

“What am I signing up for if I give up right now?”

“Be committed to knowing who you truly are.”

“Be open to trying new things.”

“Be willing to adapt and try new tactics along the way in order to continue seeing results.”

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