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Episode 25: The Allure of Food

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


A lot of food-lovers struggle with the constant “chatter” of food thoughts and content in their lives. In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly walks listeners through a handful of ways to decrease that noise around food in order to better understand the allure food holds for so many of us.

Molly begins the podcast episode by talking about some of the reasons why food can seem so alluring to us. We often associate food with pleasure and entertainment, and that allure can create a desire in us to eat and over-indulge when we really aren’t hungry. In order to take a realistic look at the allure food holds for us, Molly suggests turning down the stimulus of food to reach our weight loss goals. A few tips that worked for Molly and that she believes can work for food-lovers everywhere include cleaning up your social media feed when it comes to food content, cutting back or eliminating how many food shows you watch, keeping your time in the kitchen to a minimum, minimizing your brain chatter around food, and pursuing new hobbies with the time you normally spend thinking about or preparing food.

After expanding on each tip to turn down the volume on food, Molly talks about the key differences between anticipating food and the actual experience of tasting food. She compares this sense of anticipation we get around a good meal to the similar anticipation many of us experience leading up to the holidays. Although the holiday itself is no doubt fun, more often than not the actual season leading up to the big day is filled with more wonder than the day can possibly hold. The same is true with food, and recognizing the role anticipation plays in our relationship with food is important to adjusting our mindsets and achieving those weight loss goals.

The episode wraps up with Molly reiterating that food-lovers don’t have to lose their identity as a food-lover to lose weight. This enjoyment of food and use of food as a hobby doesn’t have be totally eliminated from our lives, instead we simply need to cut back while working to lose weight. We can revisit some of these fun activities like perusing cookbooks and watching cooking shows once we’ve reached our goal weight. To discuss your own thoughts around food and the habits you’ve formed, set up a free 30-minute call with Molly today!

Topics Covered

· Why food can seem so alluring to us

· Turning down the stimulus of food to reach your weight loss goals

· Cleaning up your social media feed to eliminate food urges

· Cutting back or eliminating how many food shows you watch

· Keeping your time in the kitchen to a minimum

· Minimizing the brain chatter around food

· Doing new things with the time you normally spend thinking about or preparing food

· The difference between anticipating food and the actual experience of tasting food

Key Quotes

“Of course it makes sense that the more you think about food the more you’re going to want to eat it. The more time you spend looking at pictures of delicious meals and desserts the more tempted you’re going to be to consume these things.”

“For a food-lover, the associations can be almost non-stop sometimes. Because we spend so much additional time thinking and fantasizing about food.”

“I want you to know that you don’t have to become someone who doesn’t care or think about food in order to lose weight—to reach your ideal weight and keep it off. It’s just simply not the case.”

“The idea is not to completely get rid of your desire for food. It’s only to turn down the volume, to de-emphasize it a little bit, until you get to the point where you feel free and confident in allowing urges and cravings.”

“The more that you look at these images and the more you indulge in reading and thinking about food, the easier it’s going to be to have that intense urge to want to eat as a result.”

“There’s a time and a place to be engaged with food, and that’s when you sit down and enjoy your planned meal, and I am all for that.”

“Ask yourself, if you weren’t spending your time thinking about food, what would you be doing instead?”

“A lot of the pleasure we experience is actually in the anticipation. It’s in thinking and imagining the flavors in the food ahead of time.”

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